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A Training Program for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Grow Their Businesses Geometrically Through Expert Marketing.


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This $1 7-day trial offer followed by the $38 monthly pay schedule is for first-time members only.


Those who leave the program before at least 12 months of membership must become a Lifetime Member for a one-time payment of  $1,824 to rejoin.


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The reason for this rule is that the monthly-pay plan is designed to make the program easily affordable for most people.


But we don't want people dropping in and out of the program.


This is a marketing training program for entrepreneurs who have a learning mindset and who are serious about growing their businesses.


Lifetime Membership is a great value if you are making a lifetime commitment to business success . . . and if you plan to live more than four years.  That's because, after four years your membership is free for the rest of your life.



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If you are on the monthly-pay-plan and your credit card is declined, you have 30 days to update your card using the "Update My Account" button.  Otherwise, you will need to become a Lifetime Member to rejoin the program.


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How Your Trial Membership Works


If you are a first-timer, your trial membership for $1 will last 7 days, after which your credit card or debit card will be automatically billed monthly for $38 unless you decide to cancel. You may cancel out of the program at any time simply by sending an email to Ben Hart at lovesdirectmail@aol.comBy enrolling as a Trial Member, you acknowledge your agreement to these terms.


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